All odd numbers are prime, except for 2

Posted on December 10, 2007
<AtnNn> all odd numbers are prime, except for 2
<bob> 25 isn't prime.
<bob> And 2 is an even number.
<AtnNn> 25 has a 2
<AtnNn> i said, except for 2
<bob> 35
<AtnNn> 35 is not odd
<AtnNn> i said, all odd numbers
<bob> Yes it is.
<bob> 35 is an odd number.
<AtnNn> prove it
<bob> It can't be split evenly into two parts.
<AtnNn> yes. 3 and 5
<bob> Eh?
<AtnNn> or 4 and 4 to make it even
<bob> 35
<bob> not 4 and 4
<bob> 4 and 4 is 8
<AtnNn> yes, first you divided into 2
<AtnNn> which is 3 and 5
<AtnNn> and then you balance it, which gives you 4 and 4
<bob> 35/2 == 17.5
<bob> You don't balance anything when determining even or odd.
<bob> You divide by 2 to determine that.
<AtnNn> what does dividing by 2 prove?
<AtnNn> any number can be divided by two except itself
<bob> A prime number is a number
<bob> that can only be divided by 1 and itself.
<bob> 2,3,5,7,11,13, etc
<AtnNn> any number can be divided by any other number
<AtnNn> except zero and negative infinity
<AtnNn> btw you skipped 9
<bob> 9 isn't prime
<bob> 9/3 = 2
<AtnNn> yes it is. it is odd
<bob> Nope, not prime
<AtnNn> yes
<bob> By 1, and itself only
<bob> 9 divided by 3 is 2
<AtnNn> i can divide 13 by 78, but it still is prime
<bob> It has to return a whole number
<bob> 78/13 isn't a whole number
<bob> 78 isn't prime either
<bob> 78/2 ==39
<AtnNn> yes, 78/13 is a whole number
<bob> Oh, I'm sorry
<bob> You're right
<AtnNn> you see, im right
<bob> But 78 isn't prime
<AtnNn> no, 78 isnt odd
<bob> No, it isn't
<AtnNn> so its not prime
<AtnNn> all odd numbers are prime
<bob> <AtnNn> i can divide 13 by 78, but it still is prime
<bob> No, they aren't.
<bob> 35/5 = 6
<AtnNn> except for 2
<AtnNn> 5 is prime...
<bob> Doesn't matter.
<AtnNn> its odd and its prime, so im right
<AtnNn> why do you even argue?
<bob> Because I'm right.
<AtnNn> 1000 isnt prime
<bob> No, it isn't.
<AtnNn> but why all these other numbers
<AtnNn> why do you say that 9 isnt prime?
<bob> Those are the first 1000 prime numbers
<AtnNn> its odd
<bob> Because
<bob> 9 can be divided by 3
<bob> 9/3 = 3
<AtnNn> you said that 7 was prime
<AtnNn> but it can be divided by 3 to
<bob> 7 can't be divided and return a whole number.
<bob> 7/3 =3.5
<AtnNn> no, 3.5 isnt whole
<AtnNn> 7/3 is whole
<AtnNn> 3.5 != 7/3
<AtnNn> stop trying to mess around with my head
<bob> Lmao
<bob> Get a calculator.
<bob> 7 divided by 3
<bob> Sorry, I was mistaken
<bob> I was thinking 7/2
<bob> 2.33~
<AtnNn> 2.33~ is a whole number
<bob> No, it's not.
<bob> It's a decimal.
<AtnNn> i could write it in octal if you want
<AtnNn> it would still be whole
<bob> Lmao.
<bob> You have to be messing with me. =)
<AtnNn> you are very odd
<AtnNn> you must be prime
<bob> Indeed I am.